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  New Location Demonstrating 10 EV Charging Stations Together!

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EV Fest 2016 Planning for July 16th-17th, Returning to Harry Howell Arena, Clappisons Corners, Hamilton, beside the Intersection of Highway 6 and Highway 5 (Dundas st.)

Map View of Harry Howell Arena 

Harry Howell Arena - Satellite View
(Formerly North Wentworth Community Park)

Satelite View of Harry Howell Arena Area 

Closer View of Harry Howell Arena and EV Fest Parking Area:

Closer up Satellite View of Harry Howell Arean - EV Fest Parking 

These Images are to help you see where EV Fest is held and to help you visualise simply how to get there.

See you for EV Fest 2016!


(EV Fest is an Indoor Show, Except for Test Rides Area!)

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