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  New Location Demonstrating 10 EV Charging Stations Together!

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EV Fest 2015 Logo - Small

EV Fest 2015
Electric Vehicle Show Exhibitors

We all want to know who is going to be exhibiting at EV Fest 2015 - and here is the current list of Exhibitors confirmed! (See Past EV Fest Exhibitors Here). 

  1. Stephen Bieda, from Stoney Creek - Sun Country Highway - Electric Vehicle Chargers and PHEV Truck: www.suncountryhighway.ca

    SunCountryHighway Public Level 2 Charging Station
  2. Cindy Toth, from Grimsby - Personal Tesla 2014 Model S P85D

    Tesla Model S - P85D
  3. Jaff Stevenson, from Grimsby - Personal 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport: http://evalbum.com/4195 

    Tesla Roadster Sport
  4. Frank D'Urzo, from Toronto, Inventors Circle: www.inventorscircle.org

    Inventors Circle Website Logo
  5. Emile Stevens from Toronto, evsociety: www.evsociety.ca

    Electric Vehicle Society of Canada - Logo
  6. Rob Campbell, from Dundas,  Personal eTrikes.
    (Changed Work Schedule - Out of Country - Unable to Attend Show.)

    Rob Campbells Personal eTrike
  7. Erik Haltrecht,  Toronto Hybrid & Electric Car Group: www.TorontoHybrid.ca

    Erik's Red LEAF 

  8. Don Singh, from Markham, Personal EV Conversion, 1985 Jaguar XJ EV

    1985 Jaguar XJ-EV 

  9. Dwane Smolders,  Electric Vehicle Owners of Ontario: www.evownersontario.com/

    Electric Vehicle Owners of Ontario Logo 

  10. Erik Haltrecht, From Toronto, Personal Tesla S85: http://evalbum.com/5006

    Erik Haltrechts 2015 White Tesla Model S85 

  11. Brian James, From Wallenstein, Personal Classic EV: 1970 Marden Espace 1: http://evalbum.com/4418

    1970 Marden Espace 

  12. Ben Faiola, From Hamilton, Personal 2014 Chevy Volt: www.co2roadent.com

    2015 Chevy Volt

  13. John Zoccano, ArcTrike: www.arctrike.com

    John Zoccano ArcTrike

  14. Geof Thompson, from Stoney Creek, Personal 1970 Vintage Electric Garden Tractors X2: www.elec-trak.org 

    Geo Thompson's E15 Electrak

  15. David Chisholm, Budds' BMW, 2015 i8 PHEV, www.buddsbmw.com

    Budds' BMW i8

  16. Doug Hart, Personal Massey Ferguson MF10 Electric Garden Tractor: http://www.evalbum.com/3599

    Massey Ferguson MF10 Garden Tractor “ET2”

  17. Stephen Bieda, from Stoney Creek - Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association (GHEVA): www.gheva.org

    Golden Horsewhoe Electric Vehicle Association - Logo

  18. David Chisholm, Budds' BMW, i3 EV, www.buddsbmw.com 

    2014 BMW i3

  19. Andy Stark, www.evlife.ca/, Will be Exhibiting EV Life's Smart ED's (2), and eBikes (X2) in our Spacious Parking Lot! Test out the eBikes There!

    EV Life Magazine Online

    Short but Sweet!
    Total Vehicle Exhibits now Exceed EV Fest 2014!


We Also have Speakers scheduled for EV Fest 2015:

  1. Josipa Petrunic:
    "EV Innovation & Manufacturing: Canada's Role in the Design and Manufacture of Cars of the Future."
    20 Minutes + 10 Minutes Q&A
    Speaking at 12:00PM in the Speakers area.
  2. John Zoccano:
    "About ArcTrike and eBikes in General, Ontario eBike Legislation"
    15 Minutes + 15 Minutes Q&A
    Speaking at 1:00PM in the Speakers area.

  3. Erik Haltrecht:
    "Your Next Car - Advantages and Disadvantages of New Technology Vehicles"
    45 Minutes + 10 minutes Q& A 
    www.KlnAir4U.MyEVBlog.com; http://evalbum.com/5006
    Speaking at 2:00PM in the Speakers area.


(EV Fest is an Indoor Show, Except for Test Rides Area!)

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