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 The Premier Electric Vehicle Show

  New Location Demonstrating 10 EV Charging Stations Together!

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EV Fest 2015! What's in it for Me?                                      Canadian Flag - Canadian Content

EV Fest! The One Place where you can get your Electric Vehicle Questions Answered! Compare Different Electric Vehicles from Auto Manufacturers nearly Side By Side! Ask owners about their Experiences!

If your Thinking of a New Car, Here is where you can decide between: an All Electric Vehicle for Zero Vehicle Emissions (And a full charge at home at the start of each day!), Plug-in Hybrids that do some Driving in All Electric Mode - and the rest in Efficient Hybrid Mode (and that often give you the choice as to when each mode is best for you!), Standard Hybrids that do not plug in (But give only micro limited Electric Mode and the energy is strictly from the  On Board Gas Tank), or even - Creating your own Electric Masterpiece as an Electric Vehicle Conversion - Either done by yourself with modern components that you buy, or by paying a Conversion Business to do it for you!

You can also see other Transportation options, including such things as  Electric eBikes and eScooters (Greatly improved since EV Fest began in 2010!), High Performance 4-Wheel Drive & Dual Motor All Electric And Plug-in Hybrid Sedans and Sports Cars, and even learn about new inventions, alternate ways to power your home and the car from it, and more!

Besides Seeing and discussing Electric Vehicles with the Vehicle Owners and Exhibitors, Discovering New Battery technologies in use in electric Vehicles now, Listening to our Knowledgeable exhibitors, there will also be a variety of Ride & Drives offered to the public!

EV Fest 2015 - our 6th Anniversary - is returning to a newly build LEED Certified Building with Ten (10!) EV Charging Stations in the parking lot, and will be using at least 5 of them for Guests with EV's and up to 5 of them for OEM's or Dealers offering EV (& PHEV) Test Drives. Yes, that's right! At EV Fest 2015 you may be able to take a Test Drive or Ride of an Electric Vehicle, where you might not even be able to at your local Dealer, especially on a Sunday!

EV Fest invites you to tell all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest, and YouTube, and all your favourite Blogs and Forums about EV Fest 2015, The Premier Electric Vehicle Show! Create your own Revenge of the Electric Car!

For 2015 EV Fest continued it's Goal to be the Best Electric Vehicle Show in Canada, and has responded by returning to the EV Fest 2014 site: North Wentworth Arena, (Now Called the Harry Howell Arena) a LEED Silver Certified Building, and Multiple On-Site Free Public EV Chargers (10), for your new Electric Vehicle.

For EV Fest 2015 - For the first time Ever - We are returning to the same site as the year before! We have found a good home and it has the most features to make a great show from all the places we have been at and seen so far in 5+ years!

(EV Fest is an Indoor Show, Except for Test Rides Area!)

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