EV Fest 2013
Electric Vehicle Show

 Toronto's Premier Electric Vehicle Festival

  Coming to a New Location Demonstrating Solar + EV Charging Together!

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EV Fest 2013
At a New EV and Alternate Energy Centric Location: BAKA Mobile Head Office!

Join us on Sunday,
September 22, 2013
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM,
630 The East Mall,
Toronto, Ontario 
Canada M9B 4B1

At EV Fest 2013 You will see New Electric Vehicles (EV's), Plug-in Hybrid EV's, EV Charging Solutions, Electric Motorcycles, EV Conversions, EV Conversion Components, eBikes and Scooters, LED and HID Lighting, & have a chance to meet Local Electric Vehicle Organizations and their Organizers, and More!

BAKA Mobile has gratiously Offered to Host EV Fest 2013 on their Property, and allow us to use and Access their Solar Carport and Eight (8) EV Chargers during our Show!

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Their Plugshare Link, taking you to their Map & Location

Annotated Screen Capture of PlugShare location for Baka Mobile

Their Solar Canopy - As seen from Beside Highway 427.

Photo of Baka Mobiles Solar Carport and EV's Charging from Fence by Highway 427

Their Solar Canopy & Chargers - as seen from their Parking Lot and EV Fest 2013 Exhibit Space

A portion of The Charging and Exhibit Space for EV Fest 2013 at BAKA Communications

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Parking will be limited at 630 The East Mall, but there is additional parking at our neighbor South of us - 620 The East Mall, and some maybe be available at 600 The East Mall. See the EV Fest Parking page for details.

When you get parked - come on over to the Show at 630 the East Mall! But - before you leave home - Print this outline with Who's Where to bring with you: EV Fest 2013 Exhibitors by Number (Letter Size pdf) 

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