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  Coming to a New Location Demonstrating Solar + EV Charging Together!

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EV Fest 2013
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We all want to know who is going to be exhibiting at EV Fest - so here is our first out of the Gate Exhibitors and a little about them! (See Past EV Fest Exhibitors Here).

  1. Singular Motion EV, Founded by Brian Kirk and Graham Lambert, coming from Caledon, Ontario, bringing their Flagship First on Deck - the Porsche 944 'SMEV 944'.

    The Singular Motion Porsche 944SM - Flagship 

  2. Gavin Bogle, brings his 1974 Dodge Dart Electric Vehicle Conversion, the eDart / Electric Swinger, from Etobicoke, Ontario.

    1974 Dodge Dart Swinger, 170 Volts, 100 Miles Range 

  3. Ben Faiola, brings his 2011 Mitsubishi iMiEV to us from Hamilton, Ontario. CO2Roadent.com is his Message.

    Mitshubisi iMiEV - courtesy of co2roadent.com 

  4. Oakville Yamaha, brings us the ZERO S and other Fine Zero Emission Electric Motorcycles, from Oakville, Ontario.

    There are a host of additional benefits experienced by Zero owners on a regular basis that are not obvious. 

  5. John Head, brings us the never before seen in Canada - Stealth E-3, from Henrietta, NY.

    A dual rear Hub motor, Leaning, Delta style Motorcycle.  

  6. Ed Stepanic is returning from Burlington Ontario, for his third time Exhibiting at EV Fest, Showing his 1991 Suzuki GSX600F Electric Motorcycle: El Kat (Video).

    El-Kat electric motorcycle 

  7. Electric Vehicle Society of Canada, investigates and promote clean transportation technologies with a focus on converting to Electric Energy for Propulsion.

    Electric Vehicle Society of Canada - Logo 

  8. Jean Marc Dube, comes to us from St-Leonard, QC with his PHEV Honda Ridgeline EV Conversion. Also See www.hdbright.com!

    PHEV Honda Ridgeline EV Conversion 

  9. Dan Singh, comes to us from Markham, ON with his Jaguar EV Conversion. Also See http://www.EpicCarConversions.com!

    Jaguar EV Conversion 

  10. New Dawn Energy Solutions comes to us from Markham, Ontario bringing Information about Solar Energy, Micro-FIT, and how Solar and Electric Vehicles are a Great Fit.

    We conduct energy audits, propose retrofits with latest technology solutions. 

  11. Toyota Canada is Bringing their Prius PHV (Plugin Hybrid Vehicle) to show, and also will be offering Test Drives.

    The hybrid you love, now with a plug! 

  12. InventorsCircle.org will be exhibiting Inventors, Inventions, and how to connect with Inventors, as well as protect your inventions!

    operated by Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

  13. Cindy Toth is bringing us her very own Tesla Model S from Grimsby, Ontario, to show and share her experiences with this fine vehicle!

    Having Exhibited at Electric Avenue 2013 in Barrie, Cindy is coming to support us for EV Fest 2013! 

  14. EV Craft will be exhibiting their own company line of Electric Vehicle components, and renewable energy System Components: Motor Controllers, Battery Chargers, and Battery Management Systems, etc!

    Designer-Manufacturer of Charger & Controller products for EV and Renewable Energy 

  15. Stefan Chornopysky comes to us from St. Catharines, and is an enthusiastic Supporter of Electric Vehicles. He is on his way to do an Electric Vehicle Conversion of his ! He will be Exhibiting components he will be using, and how they work together, along with a series of Special Media Presentations on Big Screen TV's! Enjoy!

    Stefan Displaying his Pick up Truck and Early Components at Electric Avenue 2013. 

  16. Toronto Hydro is returning and exhibiting their Mercedes Smart ED (Electric Drive)! They will also be discussing Energy Storage Related options that are coming that did not exist in the past. MicroFIT Info.

    The Toronto Hydro smart Experience was the first electric vehicle program of its kind in Canada, designed specifically for automotive retail customers. 

  17. Erik Haltrecht, coming from Thornhill, and bringing his Personal Vehicle, a Newly Acquired Nissan LEAF! In his short experience - he has already discovered it is the preferred vehicle over his Plug-In Prius!

    Our Frustrated Gas Attendant - Can't figure out - There is NO GAS Needed here, in this new Nissan LEAF! 

  18. Pete Casciato, from Toronto is bringing his Fully Restored, Vintage Micro Bus - The Electric Bus! A Volkswagen Beetle Bus!

    Pete’s passion for engineering and his desire to create a high quality electric vehicle guided his creation of the Electric Bus. 

  19. EP Rider is joining us from Toronto, to exhibit Electric Bikes and Scooters! They Also have Solar Back-Packs and a number of new eBike Products!

    Wethers your drive a Scooter, or an eBike of another style, we have what you need! 

  20. Schneider-Electric is coming to EV Fest for the Third Time Running! They will be Exhibiting Their Brand of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), also called commonly "EV Chargers": EVlink™ charging solutions! Notice the Listed Government Rebate Programs for EV Chargers!

    Our EVlink™ charging solutions provide a greener, more economical transportation option while helping to reduce the world’s global footprint. 

  21. Mitchell Cycle is Returning with their Selection of Zero Motorcycles!

    Michell Cycle's 2011 Zero X 

  22. Plug'n Drive Ontario is joining us to showcase their Electric Vehicle of Choice - the Mitsubishi iMiEV, and will be  offering test drives in it!

    Plug'n Drive Ontario 

When you get parked - come on over to the Show at 630 the East Mall! But - before you leave home - Print this outline with Who's Where to bring with you: EV Fest 2013 Exhibitors by Number (Letter Size pdf) 

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