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EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show began through a collaboration with Robert Weekley and Scarborough Toyota Service Manager Pat Barnes and is fully described in our History of EV Fest - Beginnings page.

It was an event to Showcase Battery Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrids, Hybrids, and Electric Vehicle Conversions of internal combustion engine (ICE) Vehicles, showing Personal Ingenuity in creating solutions and taking personal responsibility to move Electric Vehicles Forward.

From our Beginnings, to the creation of EV Fest - the first ever EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show, was on October 17, 2010, held at Toyota-Lexus On The Park on Leslie Street, we estimate over 500  people attended, but we were essentially limited to one Major OEM, due to our location, for Toronto's Premier Electric Vehicle Fall Festival. With this in mind, for EV Fest 2011 we held our first Event at a Neutral Location, with potential for further growth, more OEM's, Corporate Exhibitors, and more  Personal Businesses supporting the move to Efficient Transportation and Electric Propulsion.

Choosing the Evergreen Brick Works included discussions with Past Exhibitors and Potential New OEM and Corporate Exhibitors, and lead us to believe that it was offering a possibility of a Major Step Forward for EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show and so discussions were began, culminating in a final approval for the location late in the season, choosing the Holcim Gallery - or -'The Kilns' as the on-site Venue, leading us to scramble for Organizing EV Fest 2011 in just  Six Weeks.

With room for an estimated 20 - 30 Vehicle sized Exhibits*, the venue offered some new possibilities, as well as the on-site location of Better Place, and AutoShare! (*EV Fest 2011 held 36 on site Exhibitors!)

EV Fest 2012 continued at The Evergreen Brickworks, but moved over to the Pavilions, a larger space, more central to the entrance and improving general event visibility. (EV Fest 2012 showcased 39 Exhibitors)

As we moved forward and explore new possibilities, we chose to work with BAKA Communications (BAKA Mobile) for EV Fest 2013 to develop more awareness in more places about Electric Vehicles, and Solar Energy, and how they can work together.

Read More about BAKA here, and their Efforts for A Greener Tomorrow, here.

EV Fest 2014 chose to move to Hamilton (Clappisons Corners) to the North Wentworth Community Centre Twin Pad Arena, due in part to it's Silver LEED Certification which ties in with the reduction of energy use that Electric Vehicles deliver, its two Full Regulation Hockey Arenas under one roof, over 250 Free Car Parking Spots, and a full Ten (10) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - perfect to allow EV (Electric Vehicle) Driving Guests
to come to the show and charge up while there, and for OEM's to offer Test Drives of the new EV's!

EV Fest 2015 Returned to the same location, and moved the Show floor to the East Arena, for better Visibility on Entrance! Show date was Sunday, June 14th.

EV Fest 2016 is Returning again, and will be using the East Arena again, but is testing a show date expansion to Saturday and Sunday, July 16th and 17th! [Cancelled due to Death in the Family Funeral Dates Conflict with Show All Tickets and Registrations Refunded.]

Tell Everyone you know, your friends in the press, your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter contacts, and come out and support EV Fest 2016 in making sure events like this continue to offer one-stop Shopping, Education, and Networking opportunities for Electric Vehicle acquisition, Green Energy opportunities, and a place to meet new friends of like mind!

Any offers of assistance in Funding, Sponsoring, and providing leads are all welcome, as well as urging the Major OEM's and related companies to join us as exhibitors at EV Fest!

About Hamilton Wentworth Twin Pad Arena:

Since the Grand Opening of the North-Wentworth Twin Pad Arena on Nov. 10, 2012, the public have steadily and increasingly discovered this facility Located west of Clappisons Corners, the North-Wentworth Twin Pad Arena is a 90,000-square-foot, LEED Silver Certified, barrier-free facility featuring two NHL-size rinks, seating for 800 guests, a community meeting room, over 250 Parking Spaces, and much more.


On PlugShare (www.plugshare.com) this location scores a 'PlugScore' of 10.0 - the highest rating given! See the PlugShare FAQ's like this one: What is PlugShare and why should I use it? 


EV Fest is proud to promote Canadian innovation in Electric Vehicles nationally and to the world.






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