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EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show began through a collaboration with Robert Weekley and Scarborough Toyota Service Manager Pat Barnes and is fully described in our History page.

It was an event to Showcase Battery Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrids, Hybrids, and Electric Vehicle Conversions of internal combustion engine (ICE) Vehicles, showing Personal Ingenuity in creating solutions and taking personal responsibility to move Electric Vehicles Forward.

To see our Growth and follow the highlight of our changes going forward - please view our History > Highlights page.

As EV Fest Grew and went forward, so did the Exhibitors - and the Industry, with a progressive increase in the number and variety of Commercial or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Vehicles exhibited by the OEM's themselves, or Dealers, or individual Owners, and sometimes by all three!

EV Fest is still about the same things as it started - and more! It is here to bring together most - if not always all - of the choices that we can choose from: to improve our driving experience, reduce or eliminate our dependence on the pump, share solutions for others, and also to educate, train, and help each interested person learn how to deal with their challenges on the path to owning and driving their own electric vehicle.

We do this by inviting those with solutions - both to sell, as well as to share, to exhibit at EV Fest, and when it's possible - we will always work to offer test rides, and more, so you can get an idea if you could make the move to Electric in your driving style!

We constantly look for the best Venue for EV Fest - based on customer and exhibitor feedback, and observing how the event went. We have found that the things that make EV Fest work well (From a Venue Perspective) are: Easy Access and Large Guest Parking Space; Large Covered Vehicle Accessible Exhibit Space; Access to facilities on Site (Food, Restrooms); and since guest themselves are now driving Electric Vehicles - On Site Electric Vehicle Charging! Also - having Electric Vehicle Test Rides and Test Drives on site - suggests that more Electric Vehicle Charging Points at the venue - are better than fewer!

Venues that meet these above requirements are  not easy to find, but we have tracked down two leading potential spaces for future growth and use, The Hamilton Wentworth Twin Pad Arena, at Highway 6 and Dundas (Highway #5) near Hamilton, and also the Mold-Masters Sports Complex, in Georgetown. ( Let us know of any other or better venues that meet or exceed these kinds of requirements, as exhibited from these examples! )

We are also searching for the best Exhibitors to have at EV Fest, and your continuing support in giving us feedback for that helps!

Tell Everyone you know, your friends in the press, your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter contacts, and come out and support EV Fest in making sure events like this continue to offer one-stop Shopping, Education, and Networking opportunities for Electric Vehicle acquisition, Green Energy opportunities, and a place to meet new friends of like mind!

Any offers of assistance in Funding, Sponsoring, and providing leads are all welcome, as well as urging the Major OEM's and related companies to join us as exhibitors at EV Fest!

Just contact us and tell us your thoughts.



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