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2nd EV Fest Public EV Charging Station Show - Sunday, January 22nd, 2017!

First one in Vaughan, Ontario!

This one is at Highway 7 & 400, At IKEA

Eventbrite - EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show

Toronto Region Conservation Authority Map-View

IKEA Vaughan
200 Interchange Way
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 5C3
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 :
Noon to 3 PM Only.
Exhibitors $5, Guests $2.

Eventbrite Registration -

Eventbrite - EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show

Easiest Way to this event: Exit Hwy 400 for Hwy #7 East, Travel towards Jane, St., but Turn South at Interchange Way. You can Also Get to this Event from the 407 ETR: Exit Jane St., North, Turn Left at Interchange Way, and continue past IKEA, as above! Click the image above for a larger one, or read further down for more detailed directions.

Event Location:

More images and written directions below!

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations around Ontario, and Toronto are Growing in Numbers, and not everyone is aware of many of the  locations! This one is at Highway 7 & 400, at IKEA, at a Reasonably Active Location listed on PlugShare!


IKEA PlugShare Listing


Location - Access, Primary Directions:

IKEA at Hwy 407, Hwy 400, & Hwy 7, Satellite View

From Highway 7, Eastbound after exiting the Highway 400, travel towards Jane Street, Turn Right (South) at Interchange Way, travel to the End where it meets an intersection in front of IKEA, Turn Right (West) by the IKEA Flags.

Eventbrite - EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show

Coming from Hwy 7, Turn Right by IKEA; Coming From Jane, Turn Left at IKEA

If you are coming from the Hwy 407 ETR, at the Jane Exit - continue Straight through past the Flags. Continue to the 1st IKEA Entrance on your left, Take a Left Turn Lane there, Turning South, and continue into parking lot.

As you enter, at your right will be at the Two 48A Sun Country Highway chargers wrapped with IKEA's wrapping. Map marker location is exact, 4 EV parking spaces in front of the two chargers.

4 Charging Station Spots & 2 Sharging Stations at IKEA

We will be inviting Exhibitors with Personally Owned Electric Vehicles to come out and Join us for a Charge, and inviting Past EV Fest Guests and the Public to Join us and See Just how Easy and Quick it is for Electric Vehicles to be Connected and Disconnected from a Public Charging Station, and how convenient it is to use a Charging Station!

This Event is the 2nd (Second) of what we hope to be many, many, such small events, where we will be creating a smaller event, showcasing the sites where there are more than one Electric Vehicle Charging Station available for Public Access.

There will be a small Token Fee for these events, usually at the pocket change level, and the events will be short in duration. You may come early - but if you come late - it might be already over!

This Event is $5 for Exhibitors and $2 for Guests. Donations are also an Option.

Eventbrite - EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show

Guest Numbers may be limited as these events will be generally in parking lot spaces where there is vehicle traffic.Be Advised - Watch for Vehicular Traffic!

Not All such Events will be Scheduled with a long notice period, or with permission to have priority access to such Chargers, as they are Public, but as for much of the time most such sites are underutilised, and we will try to invite less EV Owners than the number of Charging Stations on site, so there is room for the general public as well.

A LEAF and a Smart ED at IKEA

We feel that for the most part, this would be a great introduction of the realities of EV Charging, showcasing the benefits, and opportunites, as well as any learning opportunites for the uninformed public to develop a respect for Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces, their uses, and diplomacy.

Lets get together, share a few stories, chat with the public, and make plans for more events like this!


Sunday, January 22nd, 2017
EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show
Ticketing Online by Eventbrite.

Eventbrite - EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show



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