EV Fest 2014
Electric Vehicle Show

 The Premier Electric Vehicle Show

  New Location Demonstrating 10 EV Charging Stations Together!

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EV Fest 2014 Logo

EV Fest 2014
Electric Vehicle Show  Exhibitors

We all want to know who is going to be exhibiting at EV Fest - so here is our first out of the Gate Exhibitors and a little about them!
(See Past EV Fest Exhibitors Here). 


  1. Ben Faiola, brings his experience with his 2011 Mitsubishi iMiEV to us from Hamilton, Ontario. Ben will be Sharing information on Sustainable Transportation. See More here: CO2Roadent.com 

    Mitshubisi iMiEV - courtesy of co2roadent.com 

    Ben has got a jump start this year, and jumped ahead of our last years first registrant!

  2. Cindy Toth, brings her experience of a year+ with the Tesla Model S, to us from Stony Creek, Ontario. Her experience with the Tesla Model S will be yours to discover!

    Cindy Returns to EV Fest 2014 with her Signature Red Tesla Model S! 

  3. Jaff Stevenson, has been driving his 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport for some 4 years+, and could not give it up when the Model S Arrived in Stony Creek, that's how great it is!

    Jaff Stevenson at The North Wentworth Arena, home of EV Fest 2014, Charging up his Roadster! 

  4. Dick Woudenberg is returning to EV Fest 2014 from Pickering, Ontario and is Exhibiting his Cutom built, Microprocessor Controlled, Diesel and Straight Waste Vegetable Oil 'Biodiesel' 1997 Volkswagen Golf.
    1998 Jetta TdI

    Dick Woudenberg's 1997 Waste Vegetable Oil Powered 'Biodiesel' Golf as seen at EV Fest 2011! 

  5. Ron Brough: CNC - Certified Nutrition Coach, will be presenting Monavie Products - all natural energy drinks and other all natural products! More info: http://berrybestacai.com/ 
    Also on display will be Solar Chargers and Lights.

    Ron will be offering and Presenting Monavie Products, and also Solar Chargers and Lights! 

  6. Currie Gardner is coming to us from Niagara-On-The-Lake and is Exhibiting his Signature Red Tesla Model S! Currie will be sharing his experiences with Driving the Tesla Model S, and what you can look forward to with this vehicle.

    Tesla Models in Signature Red 

  7. Rob Campbell Comes to us from Dundas, Ontario, Exhibiting his Personal Custom Built Electric Trike!

    Rob Campbell's Custom Built, Recumbent Electric Trike 

  8. Aaron Cake is returning to EV Fest from London, Ontario, with his Newly Custom Painted "Snakeskin Green" 2000 Honda Insight!

    Aaron Cake's Snakeskin green 2000 Honda Insight 

  9. INNOVATION INITIATIVE CO-OP INC. is returning to share their experience helping Inventors develop and market their ideas!

    Inovation Initiative Co-op Logo 

  10. Doug Hart Comes to us from Markham and is bringing a personal selection of at least 3 General Electric (Electric) Garden Tractors to show us and share his experiences with them!

    GE's Origninal Marketing Piece - Cover 

  11. Electric Vehicle Society of Canada will be exhibiting this year and Sharing information about the New Benefits Program - particularly the new EV Ambassador Discount!

    Electric Vehicle Society of Canada - Logo Image 

  12. Tim Burrows is joining us from Carlisle with his Green Model S! You may be seeing it soon listed for doing Test Rides, with Tim Driving.

    Tim Burrow Green Model S, Plan on getting a test ride in this one! 

  13. Autochargers.ca is brought to us by Gleb Nikiforov, showing ChargePoint Charging Stations! Gleb will be introducing Networked EV Charging Stations for Landlords, Companies, and Municipalities: Financing offered is a No-Money-Down Lease Program!

     Charge Point Stations & Autochargers Logo 

  14. Sun Country Highway Electric Vehicle Products and Services are the Charging Station brand most installed across the Trans-Canada and will be represented by Stephen Bieda, who will also be offering a Ride & Drive of their Chevy Volt PHEV during EV Fest 2014!

    One of Sun Country Highway Electric Vehicle Charging Stations beside their Tesla Model S 

  15. Mercedes-Benz Burlington Will be bringing their Smart ED (Electric Drive) to show and exhibit in our Arena. Learn about the Special Offers on the Smart fortwo ED from them - and from the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada! Click the image to see a larger view of the Smart ED Cutaway!

    Look Inside the Smart fortwo ED Right Here! 

  16. Geoffrey Thompson Is coming and Bringing no less than Three (3) Wheelhorse and John Deere Riding Electric Mowers from the Geof Thompson Collection to EV Fest 2014 from Stoney Creek, ON. Click the image below to go to a new page with their website open!

    The Tractor Design for the Home Owner! 

  17. John Zoccano of ArcTrike Will be joining us from London, ON, with his examples of Recumbent Electric assist Trikes, to show, offer Test Rides, and take orders on! Click the Text link above or the image below to go to our website in a new page!

    This is my prototype called the Arctrike. 

  18. BMW is Bringing their New i3 EV to EV Fest 2014! Budds BMW from Oakville, Ontario is representing the Brand and supporting this event with an i3 for Static Exhibit and an i3 for a Test Drive Vehicle! See More of the i3 online here!

    Experience the BMW i3! 

  19. Sam Carnavacciolo is Coming to us from Flossmoor, (by Chicago, IL), bringing his experiences in - and exhibiting his 2010 Tesla Roadster. Sam will be able to tell you what it's like to Drive the first New Electric Car of the new age! 

    Sam at Supercar Saturday; June, 2011 

    Sam at EV 500; Oct, 2011

  20. Erik Haltre  coming from Thornhill, and bringing his Personal Vehicle, a recently Acquired  Burgundy Nissan LEAF  ! In his short experience - he has already discovered it is the preferred vehicle over his  Plug-In Prius! View Erik's Blog for stories on his Experiences with the LEAF.

    You absolutely MUST actually drive this car to appreciate its remarkable silent power.  

  21. Don Singh will be bringing his 1985 JAGUAR XJ6 - Electric. Don recently exhibited this vehicle at the Toronto Autoshow - and got this video! Don will be happy to help you with your EV Conversion - even if it is not also a Jaguar!

    Don with the Hood of his Converted 1985 Jaguar XJ EV 

  22. Jeff Bienhaus will be bringing his 2013 Ford Focus EV from Oakville, and sharing his many interesting experiences with his First Electric Vehicle.

    The five-door hatchback provides about 80 miles of range. 

    It's a Good Start - lets see what this next and last week for Exhibitor Registations brings!
  23. To be Announced Soon! 





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