EV Fest 2012
Electric Vehicle Show

 Toronto's Premier Electric Vehicle Festival

 Returning to Evergreen Brick Works for 2012!
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EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show

Exhibitors to see at EV Fest 2012!

Listed By order of Registration, here are the current Registered Exhibitors for EV Fest 2012:

Now Growing Regularly as Exhibitors make final commitments! Check Back Frequently to see who came on board for Exhibiting at EV Fest 2012!

Each Picture has a tip about it - just mouse over for more information!

  1. Robert Weekley - Electricfly - EV Conversion of a 1989 Pontiac Firefly.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show Exhibitor Electricfly - Image from Bombardier Family Day 

  2. Ken Roach - EGT200 - 1974 Avco New Idea Electric Garden Tractor.
    Waubaushene, Ontario, Canada

    1974 Avco New Idea EGT200

  3. Emile Stevens - eMileage PHEV Prius - 2007 Toyota Enginer PHEV Prius.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    “eMileage PHEV Prius”

  4. Erik Haltrecht - ePrius 2005 Toyota e-Prius.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    2005 Toyota e-Prius - a total of 20 kWh added!

  5. Doug Hart - EGT200 - 1974 Avco New Idea Electric Garden Tractor.
    Markham, Ontario, Canada

    1974 AVCO New Idea EGT200

  6. John Head - Stealth E 3 - 2010 Homebuilt 3 wheeled leaning Delta Trike.
    Henrietta, New York, USA

    2010 Homebuilt 3 wheeled leaning Delta trike - Stealth E3

  7. Nani Pradeepan - NewDawn-ES - Five Easy Steps to Making Your Own Electricity.
    Markham, Ontario, Canada

    Nrew Dawn Energy Solutions

  8. Gavin Bogle - eDart / Electric Swinger - 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger - 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger.
    Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

    1974 Dodge Dart Swinger

  9. Denis Carrier - GE Elec-Trak - 1971 General Electric Elec-Trak.
    Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Quebec, Canada

    1971 General Electric Elec-Trak

  10. Ed Stepanic - El Kat - 1991 Suzuki GSX600F Electric Motorcycle.
    Burlington Ontario, Canada.

    El Kat at EV Fest 2011 El-Kat Suzuki GSX600V EV covered

  11. Louise Jones - Schneider-Electric EV Link Solutions.
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. EV Link Charging Tour.

    Schneider-Electric EV Link Electric Vehicle Charging

  12. Brian Kirk - Singular Motion EV - Porsche 944SM.
    Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

    SingularMotionEV Porsche 944SM at EV Fest 2011 Porsche 944 Prior to Conversion

  13. Jean-Pierre Fernbach - EV Fern Energy Storage.
    Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

    EV Fern Logo 

  14. Jean-Marc Dube - HD Bright HiD Xenon Headlights & LED Lighting.
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    HD Bright Logo 

  15. Jack Chen - Enginer.us PHEV Conversion Specialists.
    Troy, Michigan, United States of America.

    Jack Chen with Enginer.us PHEV Prius at EV Fest 2011 

  16. Jaff Stevenson - 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport.
    Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.

    Jaff Stevenson with 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport at EV Fest 2011 

  17. Jean-Pierre Fernbach - Durham Electric Vehicle Association.
    Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

    Durham Electric Vehicle Association

  18. Jurij Zurba - EP rider Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Stylish and Powerful, the Luxor Enduror is perfect for the city streets or bike paths in and around the city. EP Rider Motorino Scooter at EV Fest 2011 

  19. Howard Hutt - Electric Vehicle Society of Canada.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Electric Vehicle Society of Canada 

  20. Steve Dallas - Toronto Electric Special Projects: Project EVE (A2B).
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

     Toronto Electric A2B at EV Fest 2011 

  21. Steve Dallas - Toronto Electrics 1916 Rauch & Lang Electric Vehicle.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    One of the Last before becoming a Baker Electric

  22. John Farmer - 1989 Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle Conversion.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    John Farmers Truck - as Purchased before upgrades

  23. Aaron Cake - 2000 Honda Insight Hybrid  48V Rage Micro Scooter.
    London, Ontario, Canada.

    Aaron Cake's 2000 Honda Insight   

 24. Bill Zablosky - Electric Vehicle Memorabillia Display and Sales.
      Mt. Pleasant, Ontario, Canada.

      Sample Overview of Some of Bill's EV Memorabilia to be shown at EV Fest 2012   History of the Electric Automobile - Battery Only Electric Cars _ Book to be on display for Sale at EV Fest 2012

25. Accelerated Systems Inc. - Electric Vehicle Drive Components.
Waterloo, Ontario Canada. 

     Our Controllers are found In Tuff Equipment Building Electric Scooters or Motocycles - Our Controllers are used there too! See more uses at EV Fest 2012!

26. Toyota Canada Inc. - 2012 Plug-in Prius PHV.
     Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Prius Plug-in.

     July 17th, 2012 - announcing pricing for the 2012 Prius PHV with a starting MSRP of $35,700. The Prius PHV will arrive in limited quantities beginning in August 2012. Prius PHV on Display at EV Fest 2011 

27. Oakville Yamaha - ZERO Motorcycles.
     Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

     ZERO S Now can go up to 114 Miles per Charge! Click here for more information. 

28. Inventors Circle from the Innovation Initiative Co-Operative Inc.
     Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

     Our meetings are held on the last Thursday evening of each month (except December) at the North York Civic Centre in Toronto, Canada.

 29. Toyota Canada Inc. RAV4 EV Page (USA)
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada. - 2013 RAV4 EV Review.
      Built in Woodstock, Ontario.

     The technology is moving very quickly! An SUV: The 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV. 

30. Peter Munro - 1984 KurbWatt Electric Postal Delivery Vehicle.
     Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

     The KurbWatt and the KubVan have the same mail delivery capabilities as an army jeep, but would save the USPS 500,000 gallons of fuel per year.

31. Brian James - 1974 Sebring Vanguard Citicar.
     Wallenstein, Ontario Canada.

     1974 Sebring Vanguard Citicar - resembles stealth bomber or piece of pie 

32. Toronto Hydro - (Facebook Page) Smart Experience.
     Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

     Toronto Hydro and Mercedes-Benz Canada - launch the first consumer electric vehicle pilot project in Canada, with the Smart Electric Drive Vehicle. 

33. Renny Schweiger - 2011 Nissan LEAF 'BEVERLY'.
      Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

     As of August 2012, I have about 24,000 km on the car, and my 120 km round-trip commute now costs me about $1 a day instead of $15. 

34. Dean Myers GM Dealership - 2012 Chevrolet Volt.
     Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

     Chevy Volt - a Sample of one Vehicle Dean Myers will be Exhibitiing! 

35. Dean Myers GM Dealership - 2012 Eco Malibu
     Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

     Eco Malibu Sample of what Dean Myers is bringing! 

36.  Dean Myers GM Dealership - 2013 Spark.
      Toronto, Ontario. Canada. 2014 Spark EV Review.

     See The Spark Electrify your Vision in 2013! 

37. Sheridan College - Student Build Electric Vehicle Conversion.
     Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Press Article in Vancouver Sun.
     Also see: Sheridan's First Electric Car Ready to Roll.

     Matt Bechberger, an electronic engineering student at Sheridan College, holds up an electrical plug that can be plugged into their electric car conversion project. 

38. Don Singh - Jaguar Electric Vehicle Conversion 
     Markham, Ontario, Canada.

     I am going to be exhibiting my Jaguar Electric at EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show! If you have never been to EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show - Now is the time to come! 

39. Derek Wilson - Eco Alternative Energy.
     Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

     Affordable Solar for Home or Business - see us at EV Fest 2012!

40. Victor Khitov - Mid-Toronto Mitsubishi.
     Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

     Mid-Toronto Mitsubishi iMiEV with a Wrap - coming to EV Fest 2012!

41. Michael Mead - Cleaner Energy.
     Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

     Cleaner Energy Loves the Best in Class Efficiency of the iMiEV Electric Vehicle!

42. Roger Martin - Unicell (Purlater QuickSider).
     Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

     Unicell's Special Quicksider Electric Delivery Vehicle Made for Purolater Canada.

43. Dick Woudenberg - Waste Vegetable Oil 'Biodiesel' 1997 Volkswagen Golf.
     Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

     Dick Woudenberg's 1997 Waste Vegetable Oil Powered 'Biodiesel' Golf as seen at EV Fest 2011!

44. Colin Jones - Ford Fusion Hybrid Plugin. Another eMileage customer!
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

     Colin converted his Hybrid to a Plug-in Hybrid with eMileage and Enginer.us - fellow Exhibitors!




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