EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show

  Toronto's Premier Electric  Vehicle Fall Festival


Exhibitors to see at EV Fest 2011!

EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show has over twice as many exhibitors for 2011 as in our previous shows!

OEM Exhibitors:

  1. Toyota Canada - Prius PHV
  2. GM Canada - Volt 
  3. Tesla Canada - Roadster   
  4. Schneider-Electric - EV Link (EV chargers) 

Corporate Exhibitors:

  1. Lexus On The Park, Hybrid Lexus CT200h  
  2. Toronto Hydro - Green Fleet  
  3. Fisker of Toronto -Karma (Information) 

Private Businesses:

  1. Steve Dalas, Toronto Electric - A2B
  2. Emile Stevens, eMileage, Toyota Prius PHEV
  3. Jurij Zurba, EP Rider, eBikes and Scooters
  4. Brian Kirk, SingularMotionEV, Porsche 944
  5. Eric MacArthur, Mitchell Cycle, Zero Motorcycle x2
  6. Jack Chen, Enginer.us, Toyota Prius PHEV
  7. Virginia Block, AmegoEV, eScooters x3
  8. JP Fernbach, EV Fern, EV Batteries, Instruments
  9. Darius Vakili, EV Craft, EV Motor Controllers, Chargers, Electronics
  10. Svend Petersen, Mobility Unlimited, eScooters, Mobility Devices
  11. Alan Hayes, Eco Limo, Lincoln Hybrid
  12. Mony Soora - Autodex Hybrids Inc. Prius Rebuilder
  13. Jean Marc Dubé - HD Bright  HiD LED Lighting

Not For Profit Exhibitors:

  1. Rudy Fisch, Focus Fusion Society  
  2. Josh Tzventarny, Plug'n Drive Ontario

EV Clubs & Groups:

  1. Howard Hutt, The Electric Vehicle Society of Canada
  2. Fraser Stark, ParkPlug 

Personal Vehicle Exhibitors:

  1. Robert Weekley - Electricfly 
  2. Erick Haltrecht -  e-Prius 
  3. John Farmer - 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
  4. Stephen Smith - 1984 Pontiac Fiero EV 
  5. Ed Stepanic - 1991 Suzuki GSX600F EV 
  6. Gavin Bogle -1974 Dodge Dart Swinger - eDart 
  7. Jan Szott, Lotus 23 Replica EV
  8. James Sulivan, unfinished EV Beetle?
  9. Jaff Stevenson - Tesla Roadster 
  10. Tim Shepherd - Blue TDi Beetle WVO Conversion
  11. David Wilkins - 1994 Suzuki Sidekick VW Turbo Diesel WVO Conversion
  12. Dick Woudenberg - VW Golf Micro Wizard WVO
  13. Daniel (Joe Lafferty) Wei - Wasaga (X8)
  14. Doug Hart - 1966 Massey Feruson MF10 Garden Tractor "ET2"
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Current Exhibitor Floor Plan*:
*This layout may change at any time. Check Back Frequently for any updates. This is Version two of this floor plan.

The Numbers down the left are Steel H-Beam Post's, that I numbered on this graphic, for reference. Exhibitors will load in First in - Last out. There is one loading door at the North-East Corner (Toronto Electric's Position ).

EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show 2011 Floor Plan of Registered Exhibitors 

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