EV Fest - Toronto's Premier Electric Vehicle Fall Festival

EV Fest

Toronto's Premier Electric Vehicle Fall Festival!

See: Electric Vehicles, including Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids, eBikes, Electric Scooters, Trikes, and More!

Brought to you by Electric Vehicle Society of Canada and Toronto Hybrid Group With Assistance from Durham Electric Vehicle Association and the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa

See Electric Vehicles up close! Come To EV Fest - October 17, 2010! (Toyota-Lexus On The Park), Toronto

Our thanks to our many exhibitors and to the more than 500 people who registered and made EV Fest 2010 the Best Ever Electric Vehicle Show had in the GTA!

Register Here to join with those who want to be specifically notified when the Exact Date, Place, and Time are set for EV Fest 2011.

Our 2010 show:

Electric Vehicles Up Close: EV Fest

2010 Show Date: Sunday, October 17, 2010
Show Location: 1077 Leslie Street.
Toyota-Lexus On The Park
(Leslie & Eglinton)
Show Time: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Cost: Free, or optional:
choice of a $5.00 donation per person, at your pleasure.

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The Sunday After the Long Weekend! Easy Access by TTC Public Transit, International and City Airports, on site Parking Available!

What you will see:

Electric Vehicles, including Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids, eBikes, Electric Scooters, Trikes, and More! - See some of our exhibitors on the left! A special Show Visit of A Tesla Roadster Made Everyones Day!

What's in it for Me?

Making Hamburgers at EV Show & Shine - April 10, 2010 Free BBQ Burger and Hotdogs!
- To keep you fueled!

Besides Seeing and discussing Electric Vehicles with the Vehicle Owners and Exhibitors, Discovering New Battery technologies in use in electric Vehicles now, Listening to our Knowledgable Speakers, there will also be a BBQ, and Refreshments,
Provided Free of Charge
to all attending!
(Compliments of our Toyota-Lexus Hosts!)

EV Fest Onsite Electronic Waste Collection Point

To Help you clean up - Special E-Waste Collection Point Located on sight!

In addition - if you have electronics items you want to properly dispose of, we will be having an 'E-Waste' Collection pickup point on site! Click the image for complete information. (Compliments of M.T.C.)
Also - see E-Waste Collection Video below for more information.

Where is Toyota-Lexus On The Park?

Toyota-Lexus On The Park - Google Map

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Why Does Lance Armstrong Prefer to Ride Behind Electric Cars?

[Click to Read Story, or just see the video below.]

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Track Performance

X of 1 Solar Car - Ice Road Challenge

Ice Challenge from XOF1 on Vimeo.

E-Waste Collection - at EV Fest This Year!

EV Fest - Video Report

This show is shaping up to become a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers, educators, and hobbyists to showcase to the buying public how their future transportation options will look and explain how they will differ from current vehicles. We now have more Electric Vehicle's registered for Exhibit than were at the last Toronto Auto Show, ranging from High School Student Conversions to Million Dollar Plus EV Prototypes, and - the Xof1 Solar Car!

Meanwhile, tell everyone about our free "EV Fest", Toronto's Premier Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Fall Festival, on Sunday, October 17th at Toyota-On-the-Park, 1077 Leslie St @ Eglinton in Toronto. You'll see all kinds of Hybrids, Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Vehicles, both from major manufacturers as well as conversions and hobbyists.

Please register the whole family for free tickets on the EV Fest website (www.EVFest.ca) and drop by for a free BBQ and say "Hi" on Sunday.

And remember to bring your registration confirmation, as it may be used for some special activities access. [TBA]

Electric Vehicles you will see:

Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids, eBikes, Electric Scooters, Trikes, Bikes, and More!

Exhibitor List Below:
Place your cursor over these pictures for more information, and click them to go to their respective web sites. These Pictures are of our exhibitors, according to images available.
Project EVE - The car is a from-the-ground-up design by Toronto Electric
The Power of One Solar Car on the Dempster Highway under the Midnight Sun
Enginer - the lowest cost Lithium PHEV Kit for your Prius!
eMileage brings your Prius More Emmisions Free Driving
Erik Haltrech's e-Prius Work-in-Progress EcoDriver is dedicated to helping you save money and the environment
President of Electric Vehicle Society of Canada with his Ford Ranger EV
Gavin Bogles eDart 180 Volt Lithium Powered Classic!
Electric Mobility Canada's Mission is to establish Electric Mobility in Canada
SingularMotion's Prosche 944, with other EV Conversions
EP Rider's eBikes and Scooters are Unique
Jan Szott's Hybrid electric Horseless Carriage
Jan Szott's Electric Sportscar, currently a Work-in-Progress EV Fern is A HiPower Lithium Iron Phosphate Distributor for Canada's EV Community
University of Oshawa Institute of Technology Saturn Vue - Electric
Aaron cake's 2000 Honda Insight Hybrid
Aaron Cake's Cutom Built 48V Scooter - Click for info how he built it!
Mobility Unlimtied Raptor Electric Scooter
EV Craft Designs and Builds BMS, Controllers, Battery Chargers for EV's and more!
Ken Roach's Escort EV with new Power Battery Installation
Michigan EAA is Preparing a PHEV Ford Escape
Joel Clemens Ford Ranger EV Conversion Truck now bought by John Farmer - who is exhibiting it for us at EV Fest "
1989 Pontiac Firefly EV Conversion - now Called 'electricfly' by the owner - Robert Weekley